Skier’s Toe

   If you look down at your feet and see a black toenail looking back up at you, you might have skier’s toe. The dark color you see is caused by bleeding under the nail (known medically as a “subungual hematoma”), and the painful pulsing you feel is due to the pressure of the blood against your nail.
   One-time trauma or repetitive use of too-tight shoes (especially ski boots, hence the name) can cause this condition. So it is important that your winter sports footwear allows you proper roominess in the toe box. Make sure your socks fit tightly all around your foot – we don’t want anything putting additional pressure inside the front of your boots.
  If you have a black nail, you should speak to a podiatrist immediately. The sooner you get it looked at, the easier it will be to treat by relieving the pressure behind the nail.