Foot and Feet

The last thing you want is for the skin on your feet to break down--that can make it incredibly painful to walk, or keep you off your feet all together.  Here we share foods you could try to keep your skin in good shape and prevent it from cracking and peeling.

Here some examples: 
Chocolate Not only is it good tasting, but it also helps the skin. The flavonoids in chocolate help absorb UV light.
Pomegranates These provide antioxidants that help keep your skin healthy. You can drink the juice or apply it directly to the skin.
Walnuts- Nuts contain omega-3 oils that improve skin elasticity.
Foods like Cottage Cheese, Granola and Cherry help foot muscles to stay strong so you can use your feet for many years to come. 

There is nothing more crippling than to have an Achilles tear or to suffer through the pain of plantar fasciitis. Eating these healthy foods will help keep your ligaments in top form.
Pineapple-This tropical fruit is an excellent source of enzymes which help your body repair strained ligaments.
Broccoli- The high vitamin C content helps produce the collagen that makes up your tendons and ligaments.
Sardines- These provide much needed calcium, another vital material for building strong ligaments. Got milk? As you may have already suspected, dairy products like cottage cheese, milk, and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D, the main components for building strong bones. Here are a few non-dairy alternatives to give you the nutrition you need like Spinach, Salmon and Fortified Orange Juice.

Do you include this aliments in your diet??  Share with us.